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BRC-Equals3 is a full-service environmental consulting firm offering professional consulting and research services related to conserving and managing sensitive natural resources.  BRC’s mission is to provide our clients with objective, useful and timely information that meets the highest professional standards covering a wide range of technical environmental disciplines.


Providing a Complete Suite of Biological and Cultural Services and Solutions


BRC-Equals3 Services

BRC-Equals3’s services range from single-topic, applied environmental consulting services to complex, interdisciplinary research projects.  BRC responds to each project with a fresh perspective focused on solving problems and meeting specific objectives.  Today’s increasingly complex environmental review and compliance processes require innovative management programs and a solutions-oriented approach.

B3 Staff and Office Locations Southern C

BRC-Equals3 Staff Locations

BRC-Equals3's core staff reside in many locations in the western U.S. to provide our clients with high quality services in many varying geographies and disciplines. From the southwestern desert regions to the great central valley and beyond our biologists are in the area that our clients need and prepared to deliver timely, professional biological consulting services

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The BRC-Equals3 Team

BRC-Equals3 currently employs ~25 biologists and specialists capable of managing projects, supervising interdisciplinary studies, and conducting technical field work and reporting tasks. In addition to the project management and technical services offered by our key personnel, we maintain professional associations with scores of senior biologists, technical support personnel, the scientific research community and other specialists.


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

FROM: The Management Team
16 March 2020
Ref: Working during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Crisis
During these difficult times, and with circumstances changing rapidly, BRC-Equals3 is making every effort to support the work efforts if our clients request our services. We believe that the nature of the work we perform lends itself to being conducted safely if certain basic precautions are taken. So we are asking that you inform yourself on the topics of the day pertaining to Covid-19, and especially with all precautions to ensure you do nothing to contribute to the spread of the disease, and you take every effort to not become infected yourself.


We highly recommend that you spend a few minutes and read the information provided on the Center For Disease Controls website:
On that website you can read about how the disease spreads, how to protect yourself, and how to protect your family and friends. It provides guidance on what steps to take if you become ill, too. At present there are no vaccines available to protect yourself. Until a vaccine is developed, please do everything you can to protect yourself: we highly encourage you to adhere to the following common-sense guidelines.


If you have any severe underlying chronic medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes you are at a higher risk of infection than the general public and might want to consider NOT working or being among other people during this crisis. If so, just let us know about any limits on your availability to work and we will accommodate them.

For those at normal risk levels, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus. It spreads through respiratory droplets being spread, usually coughing and sneezing. Stay out of contact with people, and generally stay at least 6 feet from people around you.
Clean your hands often with a sanitizer (commercially available; 60% alcohol based) or by washing your hands with soap and water for about 20 seconds. You should so this after being in any public space where you might have touched any surfaces. Between hand washings, avoid touching your eyes, noses, and mouth with unwashed hands.


Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes vehicle steering wheels, doorknobs, light switches, keyboards, toilet facilities, and countertops. If you have touched any such items, do not touch your face until after you have sanitized or washed your hands.

If you feel ill, stay home and isolate yourself. Consider contacting your physician to arrange for a test to determine if you have contracted Covid-19. Wearing facemasks is not recommended if you are not sick. If you are sick you can choose to wear a facemask, but we prefer that if you are ill that you stay home, isolate yourself, and do not return to work until your body is mending and regaining your strength. This might be just a few days.

Stay healthy and help others to stay healthy. If we all work together and adhere to a few simple guidelines, this crisis will eventually pass with the least impact to ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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