BRC is staffed to provide timely professional expertise on any special-status species that might potentially occur anywhere in the western United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. BRC’s staff and associates possess a variety of federal endangered species research permits and Memoranda of Understanding for all of the listed or sensitive wildlife species found in California and neighboring states.

As needed, we occasionally subcontract for the services of recognized experts who possess any needed permits not held by our staff. This approach allows for rapid response to our client’s needs with recognized expert when sensitive or endangered species are involved. The BRC team possesses extensive federal, state, and regional expertise with endangered species permitting, habitat conservation planning and other multi-species planning approaches to resource conservation.

BRC’s scientists and managers are skilled at implementing field studies under a wide range of environmental conditions and settings and professionally reporting the results. Our biologists are experienced with conducting major field studies from the Alaskan arctic to the tropics, and we use state-of-the-art GPS/GIS mapping graphics and desktop publishing equipment to consistently produce publication-quality reports, maps, scientific illustrations and layouts for documents or public presentations.