BRC’s geographic information systems group is integral in producing synoptic products to depict and calculate survey requirements based on real world environmental variables. Survey area orientation and survey data collection are carefully developed and managed by our GIS specialists using spatial data technologies to support rapid group interaction and reporting. These mapping and analytical products are included in both technical reporting and project management activities.

BRC’s  Real-time Analytics Project Tracking and Reporting mobile data collection system (“RAPTR”) supports real time survey controls and reporting to provide close monitoring of project activities. Based on mobile GPS and cloud computing technologies, our field teams are employing leading edge field data collection subsystems to provide streamlined survey products, real time reporting, and high resolution mapping to our clients.

The RAPTR system collects valuable geospatial data on iOS, Android, Windows (Phone/tablet) to visualize and share GeoSpatial data. RAPTR manages field data collection, assigns tasks to field staff, and monitors collection activity to coordinate efficient and comprehensive surveys. RAPTR captures photos and videos with synchronized GPS location data to streamline office data processing and data entry.

RAPTR channels spatial data generated during multiple studies across the organization into one system for mapping, spatial analysis, and project budget controls. RAPTR provides our staff, field survey teams, project managers, and company executives with timely accurate information to coordinate project administration, client collaboration, plus useful and effective communication of results designed to fit seamlessly into our client’s final deliverables.

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RAPTR – Real-time Analytics Project Tracking and Reporting Mobile Data Collection System

TargetRAPTR enables any mobile device to be a field collection unit by harnessing the phone or tablet’s functionality for data input, GPS positioning, and photo collection.


icon-title-office_BRC2Supports real-time survey Monitoring, controls, and reporting to provide close monitoring of project activities. Synced data is updated in real-time and can be embedded and viewed in your web browser, Google Earth, ArcGIS, and more.


icon-field-collect_BRC2Rapid Reporting: Data Collected in the field is synced with the cloud and is ready to download to report ready data formats. RAPTR supports a simple export for the USFW Desert Tortoise Survey reporting. This is possible through the one-to-many data collection schema.

Many Points can be collected under one header. These points share the common header attribution to allow for easy data collection and report integration.

Header Collection
Individual sightings
Sighting Attributes



Simple Data Export: Data can be exported to reports, GIS data, KML files, potos, Excel tables, and more all with associated field collected photos.


Reports Google Earth Files GIS data Tables


icon-title-field_color_BRC2Customizable Field Applications: Collection of data digitally ensures proper attribution and location. Data is also backed up in the cloud near instantaneously where network connectivity is available.

RAPTR data collection applications support a variety of field data types:

• GPS Location
Multiple choice
Single choice

icon-field-basemaps_BRC2Offline Capable: Data can be collected with no network connectivity with the aid of custom offline basemaps. Data is stored locally on the device and synced when network connectivity is available.